Lupine Blika X4 (2.100 Lumen)

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Biking, running, climbing, camping and much more: when developing our Blika we were asking ourselves what exactly a light ought to be able to in order to allow for a broad range of nocturnal activities. All our experiences and expertise are now united in one single lamp – Blika.

It’s obvious that you want lots of light and a broad, homogenous light distribution pattern for fast drives and tricky terrains. In order to guarantee a wide reach at the same time, our Blika combines the Piko’s popular light distribution pattern with a highly focused and switchable central spot.

Special uses require a special light. The Blika has an integrated red and green light, which is adjustable in fixed steps. Considering all those various functions available, we certainly did think about how to make the lamp’s handling as direct as possible; that’s why we conceived two separate buttons, which can be assigned independently. This way, whenever you need to, you’ll have access to all the various light levels and functions.

The optional rapid-change-system Front Click allows you to be more flexible than ever before. It’s either possible to transform your headlamp into a helmet light or you might switch your lamp head from one helmet to the next within just a few seconds and without any tools. The ultrathin mounting plate can either be fixed on your helmet with our special 3M adhesive pad or our reliable Velcro system, and the lamp is easily fixed with just a single click.